Hair like Rapunzel!

Hair like Rapunzel!

Hair like Rapunzel!

A few days ago, I saw a trend on TikTok (by the way you can follow me on TikTok at this very moment I only have 6 friends, so I can use some friends).

The Sketch was in spanish, in english it would say:  "Long live long hair, always Rapunzel never Dora the explorer." funny don't you think?  As you guys can see, I love my long hair, but with long hair come long responsibilities :) 

Today I want to share with you some REAL tips to have a long and healthy hair.

Like most of you, I go to the big and confusing world of youtube and google to find answers for almost everything and beauty tips are not the exception... but what is real? are all those beauty gurus just advertising products? Do they really use the product? ..... mmm well we will never know until we try it. 

Here are my tips and believe me I have tried a lot of hair tutorials. 

First let be clear in something. I will share with you my experience and I assure you it will work 100%. However, make sure you have my same hair type... or at least similar.

First, I wash my hair almost every day.

I have oily hair, and people used to tell me not to wash it every day... Even some hairstylist told me to wash it only 2 times a week. Well I wash my hair 5 times a week.  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. You can pick your days, I do it that way cuz it goes with my exercise and work routine. Since starting to wash my hair frequently I noticed a positive change. Before washing 5 times a week I was starting to have some dandruff and that disappeared in as little of two week after I decided to increase to 5 days a week

Secondly, I use shampoo and conditioners specially formulated for my needs. I have tried most of the one you can find in convenient stores and pharmacies. They would work good for one to two weeks and then stop working. The ones I currently use are from Function of Beauty.  These product can be a little pricy, but they really work. The shampoo and conditioners are formulated just for your need. Repair, grow, protect etc...

My formula is for oily hair, to help my hair grow, shine and protect it from heat. You can even put your name in the bottle (it looks so cool). I have been using these products for a long time. 

Third, I only cut my hair three times a year.

Why, because I protect my hair which allows me not to have to cut it so often allowing it to grow even more. The reason people cut their hair every month or every 2 months is because its so damaged that the hair needs to be cut to allow it to grow. Work to protect you hair so you don't have to cut often. So easy, if you don't cut it will grow.

Here is a summary of my daily routine:

  • Wash my hair five times a week.
  • I use formulated shampoo and conditioner.
  • I use  warm water, and finish up with cold water.

Sorry if you were wanting some weird tips... ( I have try a lot of them, they don't work) but these simple steps are the best hair routine for me. 

Long live long hair :) 

Let me know if this works for you too.


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