Let your perfume leave a trace!

Let your perfume leave a trace!

Let your perfume leave a trace!

I was 14th years old when I became aware of  what making an impression was. I accompanied my mom to the bank. As I waited a 21-year-old girl entered the bank. As she continued walking thru the bank everyone, and I mean everyone, both women and men raised their heads to see her. It was not because of the way she was dressed, but because of the way she smelled. She sat next to me and I remember thinking. How many times does she have to shower to smell like that?  Remember I was just a girl ☺. It was the most delicious and chic perfume I had ever smelled.

We constantly hear, Dress to impress, and don’t get me wrong I truly believe that. However, what about if no one sees how you are dressed?

Well, I have a tip that can help you to be noticed most of the time …it’s a little twist in that famous phrase: Smell to impress so that people will stop to see how you are dressed.

Perfumes or fragrances are some of my favorite things in the world. I truly believe that picking a perfume is really import… it’s like your invisible last name. Have you smelled a perfume and immediately remembered someone?  Maybe friend? A boyfriend? Your husband?  Well those people have used the perfume correctly… It made an impression on you!

There is so much to say about perfumes. How long should we use the same fragrance? How many should we have? What scent works best with our type of skin? How much money do you feel comfortable spending on a perfume?

Well today I’m just going to tell you how to pick a perfume from the so many options out there.


How To Pick a Perfume


First only try three different fragrances per visit. Our sense of smell is quite sensitive, after the third fragrance the scents will begin to mix. Even when smelling the coffee beans in between I have realized that after the third scent it is just better to stop so you may know how a perfume really smells.

Secondly, try the perfume in these two areas. The wrist and the area between the foreman the and bicep (the inside of the elbow) where the veins flow close to the skin. These spots emit heat, which help fragrances develop faster and mix with your body chemistry. Never put two fragrances in the same spot or to close together, that will change the scent completely.

As my last tip, try one perfume at a time and leave it on you for at least 15-30 minutes. Then go and try the second one wait for the same time and so on. This time will gave you very important information; it will tell you if you really like it after it combines with your body’s natural oils. It will also give you and idea if that perfume will last in your body or not. And lastly it will give to your nose some time to recover and to be ready to try the next one.

Perfumes can be expensive and if we pick the wrong one we will be stuck with a wrong decision for quite some time. Try my method, I’m sure that will help you reduce wrong perfume picks. Aim to be like that chic that I was telling you about… Pick a perfume that will make people stop and stare just to see who is wearing that perfume.


In my next post, I will share with you my go to perfumes, and how many I wear.

Please, if you try my technique don’t forget to tell me how it goes for you. I would love to read your experiences.…




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